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starting with our flagship concept, CACAO SAMPAKA, and moving towards new fronts with new concepts. 

ادارة العلامات التجارية و تطويرها

this division is responsible off exporting and managing quality of production. 

ادارة التشغيل و الدعم

supplying the needs of coffee shops, cafe's, and other food and beverage establishments. as well as handing events.

ادارة التموين الغذائي

we processing food, from scratch, developing innovative ice cream, chocolate, and other items. from Dammam Second Industrial Cit.

مصنع نور المستقبل

providing maintenance services to all our establishment entities. extending the services to third parties as well. 

ادارة المقاولات و الصيانة

developing real estate lots, for residential and commercial purposes. to diversify our portfolio with real estate assets.

ادارة التطوير العقاري



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