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food processing division


FPD has the following responsibilities:


•  Support National GDP


•  Innovate and Create New F&B Products


•  Host a Greater Working Environment



FPD has a mission to manufacture great and creative savory and sweet items with a classy facility and a great working environment.


Our first facility will be launched within 2016 producing savory items and desserts. While the expansion, that will be in 2018, will produce a bigger number of exquisite savory and sweet items.


Innovation and creativity are the essence of our FPD. As the world is developing and becoming a small village through globalization, competition will be much harder with other entities and global ones. Thus, the main difference will rely on innovation and creativity that is the human mind and inspiration. Such a talent is very hard to develop and exercise, however it is the only way to survive in this competing world of globalization.


Working environment is the only aspect that would create an atmosphere for professionals to come up with innovative and creative F&B items. Insuring that the entity will always host a great working environment, for sure will result in an ever ending fuel to innovation and creativity. This can be achieved by allowing staff members to create their own items, test, and experiment with new ingredients. As well as host talented international chefs - with different backgrounds - to train our staff members with different flavors. Last, but not least, insure we have a mixture of multinational staff members to bring different flavor tones to our mixed professionals. 

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