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Bright Future was established in late 2008, by two young Saudi’s both with engineering degree from California State University in Long Beach. Bright Future was the name they have created long back when the eldest suggested the name, and it became the group main seed. The Company is a family run company and board members are also family members. Main objective of the establishment is to compete in the Food and Beverage industry.


As both founders have studied in the same University, California State University, they had to earn some extra income. One way of doing so, was taking on a part-time job at the dorms dining hall. From there they entered the Food and Beverage industry and it was their official first step in training. Seven years after that, the establishment was founded, and the year after their first European franchised restaurant.


Bright Future Group has six main divisions: Concept Development and Management Division (CDMD), Operate, Maintain, Support Division (OMSD), Catering Services Division (CSD), Food Manufacturing Division (FMD), and Contracting and Maintenance Services Division (CMSD), Real Estate Development Division (REDD). All divisions complement each other to build a strong

self-sufficient group.

عن المجموعة

مجموعة نور المستقبل تأسست في أواخر عام 2008 على يد شابين سعوديين مهندسين مكانيكيين، خرجين جامعة ولاية كاليفورنا في لونج بيتش. خلال دراستهم الجامعية، عملا في مطعم الجامعة كدوام جزئي، حيث نالا خبرة في مجال الاكل و الشرب و ادارة المطاعم.

مجموعة نور المستقبل لها أقسام: تطوير العلامات التجارية و ادارتها، الادارة و الدعم، التموين الغذائي، مصنع غذائي، مقاولات و صيانة، تطوير عقاري. جميع الاقسام تقوم بدعم المجموعة لكي تكون قوية وعصامية.

Awards جوائز

one of our brands was awarded BEST COFFEE SHOP IN SAUDI ARABIA, award was from High Commission for Tourism and Culture

نالت أحدى علاماتنا التجارية شهادة افضل مقهى على مستوى المملكة العربية السعودية، مقدمه من هيئة السياحة و الآثار

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