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OMSD has the following responsibilities:


•  Operate and Manage F&B Facilities


•  Exportation and Importation Activities


•  Quality Control and Monitor



OMSD offers its services to F&B facilities, such as coffee shops, cafeterias, restaurants, kiosks, or catering facilities. OMSD can run daily operations and management activities to cafeterias in engineering buildings, kiosks at a furniture store, or catering facilities at a construction camp. What OMSD focuses on is quality of raw ingredients and fresh produce. This comes from a belief that the right ingredient makes the right taste and flavor. When we take such projects we insure that only the best quality is delivered.



OMSD also is authorized to import and export food and beverage products. Also, OMSD handles import/export operation of (packing materials, equipment, accessories, etc) required in designing catering events. This insures that only the best is sourced through Bright Future. Therefore, adding to Bright Future portfolio in terms of extended support from the international market to insure that only the best is available at Bright Future.


Third responsibility entitled to OMSD is to insure quality control and quality implementation. This comes in the form of a quality unit that develops procedures and guidelines to Bright Future divisions. Insuring all divisions are in compliance with international recognized standards. Quality Unit, implements standards, applies, and continuously monitors performance levels in all division. Such an operation only realized by a talented and strong establishment like Bright Future.

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