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REDD has the following responsibilities:


•  Acquire Commercial and Residential Lots


•  Develop and Sell Units



REDD will as a portfolio diversification of investment, with commercial and residential development. Real Estate in Saudi Arabia is a booming market as population is growing and requires a lot more solutions to residential demands and commercial opportunities. Accordingly, Bright Future will be developing residential and commercial lots in a creative manner, and insuring that we coop with market requirements.

Current projects for REDD are:

Bright Future Plaza, this is a commercial plaza with 4,000 square meters of lot developed. consisting of 15 shops, and 1,000 squre meters of office space. 

Bright Future Duplex, developing residential lots into attached duplexes in Al Andalus (Alturkiya) area. lot size is 500 square meters, and each duplex is 250 square meters.

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