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CDMD has the following responsibilities:


•  Acquire franchises and brands


•  Develop brands for the Company or for other entities


•  Sell Company franchises and brands


•  Manage Company franchises and brands



The story began with its first franchise, Cacao Sampaka, a food and beverage European concept in 2008. This concept is a Spanish franchise that specializes in premium quality chocolate. Currently, CDMD is continuously developing concepts in order to add to our existing portfolio and launch it to the market as the time is suitable. Furthermore, CDMD can develop concepts to other entities and passionate business owners. With absolute dedication, hard work, and an eye for details, Bright Future managed to earn its first Cacao Sampaka – Khobar the best Coffee Shop in Saudi Arabia Award, presented by Saudi Arabia High Commission for Tourism and Heritage.


Going back to the first concept, Cacao Sampaka was born with the hope of reviving the rich culture surrounding cocoa and chocolate, using new ideas and techniques to open an infinite world of possibilities. They are chocolate manufacturers and they control the whole process of manufacturing from the selection of the cocoa beans through to the packaging of the product. This means they can guarantee the highest quality at very reasonable prices.

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